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Corporate and social responsibility

Environmental, Social and Governance at Medica

Key highlights


Reducing carbon footprint through strategic partnerships and recycling high-value items such as workstations to reduce the amount of waste produced.


In 2020 Medica introduced regular wellbeing meetings for staff, with a focus on launching initiatives that accurately reflect the needs of the workforce.


Medica continuously reviews and develops its risk management framework, with clinical governance remaining paramount to the delivery of critical services.


The Group is committed to embedding the three pillars of ESG within our business and have established a clear strategy that is meaningful to employees, customers and investors.

Our people

Medica represents an attractive career development opportunity for Radiologists.  As a long-established market-leading provider we are the perfect partner not only as a regular source of supplementary income, but also to support the development of expertise in clinical sub-specialisms. In this way, working for Medica allows already highly-qualified experts to build a portfolio approach to their career and benefit from a breadth and depth of interesting casework and regular feedback as part of the continuous audit process.

“One of Medica’s biggest assets is the workforce. The Group demonstrates its commitment by providing development opportunities and support for each and every individual. I’m proud to work with such a talented and awesome team.”

Ian Edwards
Head of Information Security and Risk

Modern slavery

Medica publishes an annual statement in line with their Modern Slavery Policy and the requirements of the Modern Slavery Act 2015. The Company is committed  to act ethically and with integrity in all business relationships. The Policy is communicated to all workers to ensure they understand the Group’s responsibility and attitude towards modern slavery. The wider corporate policy suite instils ethics and integrity across the organisation.

Living wage

Medica (UK) conducted a review of the hourly rate of all staff and workers in 2019 to ensure that the National Minimum Wage and National Living Wage was being paid in all circumstances. Medica (UK) continues to maintain this position and obtained the National Living Wage accreditation in early 2021 as a further statement of their commitment.

Governance & Risk

Medica continues to build on its risk management framework and embed the principles into its business. Risk at Medica is aligned with project delivery and performance management.

Clinical governance is paramount to the successful and accurate delivery of Medica’s critical services. The Group’s Medical Director ensures that clinical risks are regularly reported on and shared upwards with the Board.

Anti-corruption and bribery

Medica continue to maintain and implement policies to ensure adherence to regulations on anti-bribery, anti-corruption, and anti-money laundering. Medica reviewed its policies and process with external auditors to ensure continued adherence with the Criminal Finances Act 2017.

Charity partnerships


Medica sought a charity partnership where they could provide more than just financial support by leveraging their network of reporters and expertise in the management team.

RefuAid support access to language tuition, education, finance and meaningful employment for those fleeing war and persecution.

Dr Mohammed Jalaleddin