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Charity partnership with RefuAid

A practical response to forced migration.


donated through staff fundraising and direct company support

Medica sought a charity partnership where they could provide more than just financial support by leveraging their network of reporters and expertise in the management team.

RefuAid support access to language tuition, education, finance and meaningful employment for those fleeing war and persecution.

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The partnership with RefuAid has given Medica the opportunity to directly support radiologists who have escaped conflict in their home countries and are seeking a better life in the UK. Medica will continue to offer financial support and advice on how to qualify and re-train to be able to work in the NHS system.

“We are excited about working with Medica as they can really help us to unlock the potential of these highly skilled medical experts who have experienced conducting their profession in very difficult environments including during conflict. Medica is providing funding, but also a sounding board for us to help navigate the pathways to getting these doctors back into the system which is beneficial for everyone.”

Tamsyn Brewster
RefuAid Co-Founder

“RefuAid is an obvious partner for Medica. Every year, highly trained radiologists and radiographers arrive in Britain often from war-torn countries such as Syria. These are medical experts with huge experience of working in difficult conditions. The only barrier they have to gaining employment is often their language skills and the funds to take a conversion course to be registered to work in the NHS. Our support will help to do this, but also will allow these experts access to our network and in time, hopefully even employment opportunities to report with Medica.”

Stuart Quin
CEO, Medica

2020 Fundraising

In November 2020, the Medica team took on the challenge of collectively walking the distance from Syria to Hastings (UK’s Medica head office) to support Dr Mohammed Jalaleddin, a refugee and radiologist from Syria, in to work with the NHS. Using a virtual step counter, the team completed the challenge with days to spare, and decided to keep walking to the Medica head office in Dublin, to celebrate the newly acquired Global Diagnostics Ireland.

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Dr Mohammed Jalaleddin

“RefuAid has supported me in many ways, starting with enrolling me into a very good English school. They covered almost all my expenses, so I could focus on my study. They later introduced me to different organisations that could help me progress into my career and provided me with the materials I needed. I cannot put into words how helpful they have been to me and how grateful I am for their support.

“I think Medica can make a real difference by providing funding for radiologists to be able to re-qualify in the UK, but more than that, Medica has a huge network of NHS clients who could potentially help newly UK qualified radiologists, who are also refugees, to find posts within their hospitals.”

Dr Mohammed Jalaleddin