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Medx is a collaboration between Medica, the UK’s largest teleradiology company and Integral Diagnostics, one of Australia’s largest radiology providers.

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Summary of Medx services

Combining radiology and teleradiology expertise across the UK, Australia and New Zealand, Medx connects radiology professionals across the globe, providing specialist reporting capability 24/7/365, whatever your needs and geography.

Medx is a joint venture with Integral Diagnostics (IDX) a leading provider of medical imaging services across Australia and New Zealand, who are listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. The Company provides state of the art diagnostic services to patients and their referrers at 64 radiology clinics, including 20 hospital sites. IDX employs some of Australasia’s leading radiologists and nuclear medicine specialists in a unique medical leadership model that ensures quality patient care, service and access.

Medx is currently providing access to a pool of radiologists who are able to report in both the UK and Australasia to support both companies’ reporting services. As well as facilitating world class service and patient care this is an attractive proposition for radiologists looking for their next career move. Medica and IDX will also use their extensive expertise to collaborate in areas of mutual interest, including deployment of augmented intelligence (AI) solutions.

Medx is actively working to identify contracts around the globe to be delivered directly by the joint venture. The combination of IDX and Medica’s scale and expertise in imaging and teleradiology are a compelling proposition to potential clients.

Medx is registered in Australia and the Board comprises of Integral Diagnostics’ CEO, Dr. Ian Kadish, and Chief Financial and Commercial Officer, Anne Lockwood, as well as Medica Group CEO, Stuart Quin, and CFO, Richard Jones.

“The JV partners, Medica and Integral Diagnostics share a culture committed to quality patient care and service, and together we promote a ‘best of both’ approach for the benefit of both our current and new customer base. Our partnership of specialist expertise combined with globally placed radiologists, offers truly exciting opportunities to provide reporting capacity around the clock wherever demand is required globally.”

Paul McCrow
Chief Operating Officer
Integral Diagnostics

Sarah Burns

Sarah Burns
Managing Director
Medica (UK)