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A network of specialists leading the way in telemedicine

At its core, the business model through all Medica Group Plc companies can be summarised as identifying opportunities to improve the service available to clients and patients, using technology and a strong governance framework.

Medica is the market-leading provider of teleradiology services in the UK and Ireland. They also provide diabetic retinopathy screening services to around 50% of Irelands population.

Through RadMD, an iCRO based in Philadelphia US, they provide support for the imaging element of clinical trials including programme management, quality assurance, trial design and reading services. With 250+ radiologists reading for clinical trials based in the US, Europe and India the RadMD team are working with a global footprint. They process trial imaging from 20+ countries and are working with some are the largest pharmaceutical and BioTech trial sponsors.

Through, Medx, based in Australia and New Zealand, they provide their clients with access to subspecialist radiologists across a range of time zones. MedX is a 50/50 with Integral Diagnostics, one of Australia’s largest imaging providers. In addition to providing reporting expertise to Medica and Integral MedX aims to secure its own teleradiology contracts around the globe.

Improvements in services are demonstrated by any combination of the following:

“Medica's high quality service delivery and clinical governance make the Company the partner of choice for approximately half of the NHS Acute Trusts across the UK”

Roy Davis
Independent Chairman

Higher clinical quality, leading to improved patient outcomes

Timely delivery, facilitating improved patient outcomes and/or improved patient satisfaction

Increased return on investment for clients

Key facts

Our capabilities


A global network of over 750 specialist doctors and radiographers


studies processed in the last 5 years


employees worldwide

Teleradiology, teleophthalmology, managed imaging services and MDT’s


Teleradiology is the secure electronic transmission of radiological patient images, including plain film (X-Rays), computerised tomography (CT) scans and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans, from one location to another, for the purposes of diagnostic interpretation and reporting by highly qualified radiologist experts.


Teleophthalmology is the secure electronic transmission of photographs of the eye from one location to another, for the purpose of diagnostic interpretation and reporting by highly qualified experts. This service is currently provided to around half the Irish population, in partnership with the National Screening Service.

Managed Imaging Services

Managed Imaging Services is the provision of end to end imaging to healthcare providers. This includes the provision of facilities, staffing, imaging equipment, appointment scheduling, imaging and reporting via the teleradiology service.

Clinical Trials

Much like a clinical diagnosis, a specialist radiologist with considerable expertise in reading images for clinical trials, can remotely access the study and file a report at various timepoints during a clinical trial to monitor disease progression and response to therapy.

Investing in innovation

Medica Group has invested heavily in continual innovation and improvements to its IT interface with customers, to provide a high quality clinical service within a strong clinical governance structure. It offers specialist doctors and radiographers the best opportunities and framework in which to provide their service.


Medica Group was established in January 2004. In 2007, Nuffield Health acquired 50 per cent. of the Group, acquiring further stakes in 2011 and in 2013 before selling a majority shareholding to CBPE in a management buy-out in May 2013. The Company became a listed business in 2017, entering the London Stock Exchange in March of that year.

As a rapidly growing business, Medica Group has significantly developed the operational aspects of its business over recent years. Since 2012 the Group has maintained ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and Care Quality Commission (CQC) accreditations. In 2014, the Group established its Clinical Advisory Group and invested heavily in the out of hours call-handling team to provide greater control over the NightHawk process.

In 2019 the Group expanded the reporting team to international locations for the first time, providing the ability to scale operations significantly.

In November 2020 the Group completed the purchase of Global Diagnostics and Global Vision, now rebranded to Medica Ireland.

In February 2021 the Group launched their joint venture, Medx with Integral Diagnostics Australia.

In March 2021 the Group completed the purchase of Imaging Contract Research Organisation (iCRO) RadMD, based in Philadelphia, USA.